How Do You Learn?

My father always told me there are two kinds of people; people who learn from others mistakes and those who learn from their own.

This is easily defined as the easy way and the hard way. Which category do you fall under?

Now of course it is best to learn from others mistakes. This is the least costly and least painful way to learn. This can be applied to many different instances in our lives.  Why do you think you always want to be the second one to putt on the green? It is always easier to be the second to do something. There is nothing wrong with this.

In most cases our EGO gets in the way. It is hard for some of us to let someone else be the first to do something. We have to be the stubborn one who thinks we know what we are doing. When in fact, the person who was going to go first might have had a past experience that made them more qulaified to do so.

You can learn from people who you are close with or people who you have never met. We live in a technological age where information is prevalent. You can type a word or topic in to google and be given countless pages of information on that topic. This makes learning from others easier then it ever has been.

You have all met people that are stubborn and believe that they can only learn from their own mistakes. This is just naivety. These people believe that they know best and no one can tell the different. This is a very short sighted viewpoint.

We all will have the opportunity to learn from our own mistakes. This is probably the most effective way to learn. When we make a mistake and experience that pain we never want to feel that again. So we do our best to avoid it.

As you all know I am a big fan of Jay Abraham. I am currently reading his book The Sticking Point. In this book he points out that due to our make up as humans we are more likely, by 100 times, to avoid pain then to seek pleasure.

That means that in times of pain you will work 100 times harder to transfer blame, forget the pain, or any otehr way of coping with this displeasure. Hopefully by now you have read my post on lying to yourself. If not take some time to do so.

After reading that post and understanding our intense desire to avoid pain, isn’t it easy to see how one could lie to themselves to avoid the pain.

Inevitably we will experiecne our own mistakes and it is our responsibility to learn from them and move on.

You cannot be paralysed by the idea of failure or making a mistake. Mistakes are inevitable and we all make them. It is important to face them head on and take responsibility for them. This is how we learn. If we pass the blame to someone else we never deal with the consequences or learn the lesson.


About Chris J. Gaddis, MBA

I am a Financial Representative and have been in the industry over 10 years. I am self employed and work with several Allstate agencies in NC & SC. I also run Gaddis Coaching which was created to help individuals and businesses realize their dreams.
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