Don’t Confuse Busy with Productive


Some of you read my post entitled I’m too Busy!. The point I was making was that I hate when people use the excuse “I’m too busy.” It is a lame excuse that basically says that your time is more important than someone else’s and therefore you will get to it when you want. It is worth re-reading as it is probably an excuse most of us bust out from time to time.

In this post we will discuss the difference between busy and productive.

Let’s just look at the definitions to start.
Busy – actively or fully engaged or occupied.
Productive – producing or capable of producing (especially abundantly)

So right off the bat we see that busy people are just fully engaged in an activity, while a productive person is producing something or working on an activity that has the capability of producing something.

Let’s use a small business owner in this example. We have a restaurant owner that works 80 hours a week and handles the purchasing, prep, cooking, and front desk. There is no doubt this person works hard and is deserving of a successful business. Yet, his financial situation is day-to-day and it sales seem to be declining.

This person reasons that they are so busy and there is nothing more than can do. They don’t have enough time.

The reality is the person is working for their business not running the business. They are not producing new customers through marketing, e-mail specials, faxes, or any number of creative opportunities that exist. I think you see the point.

The same concept exists in your personal life. Many of us spend way too much time on Facebook, the internet, watching TV, or any number of other things that are keeping us from productive tasks like comparing home heating fuel costs, clipping coupons for grocery’s, or cooking dinner to avoid eating out.

We all know the feeling of getting things done and the satisfaction that comes with it.

Make it your mission each day to work on “productive” tasks. Unfortunately, “busy” tasks are a necessary part of life. Just find a way to manage the busy work with the productive work. There is nothing that is more beneficial to morale or a change in lifestyle then the satisfaction of seeing progress.

Progress creates excitement that the things you want to accomplish are that much closer.

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Do you have any tips on how people can become more productive; I would love to hear them.


About Chris J. Gaddis, MBA

I am a Financial Representative and have been in the industry over 10 years. I am self employed and work with several Allstate agencies in NC & SC. I also run Gaddis Coaching which was created to help individuals and businesses realize their dreams.
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