What’s Luck Got To Do With It?


I have always been almost obsessed with success and I have always wanted to leave my mark on the world. As a result, I have read thousands of books, articles, and stories about how people found their success.

I have always come away a little let down. Each story seems to end with the person finding success almost by luck or chance. There has never really been a clear, precise answer to how they did it. Just the normal work hard and do your best mantra.

As I mentioned in the previous post I just got done reading The Intelligent Entrepreneur. There were a couple points that really stuck with me, but this story in particular resonated.

Chris Michel had sold his second business for millions and had started traveling the world. He was on a whale watch and they boat had started back to shore. He was inside the boat looking at the various pictures he had taken when he heard someone yelling there were more whales.

He came out of the cabin with his camera ready and just as he walked out one of the orca’s jump out of the water over another orca. Chris was able to snap some pictures and as he looked back at them he realized just how great they were.

In that moment he had an epiphany of sorts and likened this to his entrepreneurial career.

He explained that with that picture he had been prepared to snap the shots that others might not have gotten. He had taken the trip and went on the whale watch. But then he also had a great camera and it was ready to go at a moment’s notice and he was prepared for those shots because of all the things he had done prior to the whale jumping out of the water.

To some degree luck came into this as he had to be in the right place at the right time and in the position to get those shots. But he was ready.

This was the point he made.  All his life he had prepared to be an entrepreneur. He went to the right schools, met the right people, and worked hard to make sure he covered as much ground and as many bases as he could. When his moment came, he recognized it and knocked it out of the park.

He explained this is what life was; being ready for those opportunities.

In that simple explanation it all made sense. That is why it always seems like luck when these people find success, because it partly is.

The part we don’t see is the years and years they took in preparing to be ready for that moment.

So what are you doing to get ready for your moment? Will you be ready when it comes?

If not, start taking steps and actions to set you on the course to make sure you are ready when your opportunity comes. If you are not ready it will fall to someone who is. Don’t give them the chance, make sure you are ready.

I know I plug Gaddis Coaching on here a lot, but this is the exact reason I started Gaddis Coaching. I am passionate about it and its purpose. I know I can help you be ready for these moments and I want to help you be prepared for these moments. Again there is no obligation to get a free one hour consultation. So what do you have to lose?


About Chris J. Gaddis, MBA

I am a Financial Representative and have been in the industry over 10 years. I am self employed and work with several Allstate agencies in NC & SC. I also run Gaddis Coaching which was created to help individuals and businesses realize their dreams.
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