Building Your Personal Brand

personal_brand1In my queue of blog topics to write about, I have had the topic of Branding yourself sitting there for quite a while. I have seen it there and just couldn’t find a place to start.

I had the opportunity to Interview Phil Gerbyshak on my radio show.

In my preparation for the interview I came across his post on entitled “How to Brand Yourself.”

Phil’s an expert in this field and I thought that instead of trying to come up with something on my own, I would use what Phil Wrote.

What follows are the 17 points that Phil brings out in his post.

0. Before you get started, you need to think about what you want to do and be known for
1. Buy your and set up your website/blog there
2. Figure out your top 5 topics/themes/services that you have expertise in and passion about
3. Use for your Twitter account
4. Set up alerts on
5. Subscribe to 10-20 blogs in your niche via RSS at
6. Go to and upload your resume and fill out your profile to get to 100%
7. Get testimonials from folks you’ve worked with on your LinkedIn profile
8. Set up a monthly newsletter at
9. Create your 90 second commercial
10. Add yourself to every Twitter directory you can find
11. Follow as many people as you can in your niche and/or that use your key words
12. Write a traditional press release
13. Find some local companies and companies in your niche to spotlight on your site.
14. Tweet on topic for at least 30 minutes a day.
15. Dive into your LinkedIn network
16. Keep writing, keep tweeting, keep connecting

To visit Phil’s site click on this link and to view this post in its entirety please visit

The mp3 of the interview will be up shortly and I will link to it here. We discuss this post in more detail during the interview. This is really great step-by-step advice and if you are having trouble finding you brand visit Phil’s website for lots of other great tips and ideas.


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