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Mission vs. Vision Statement

Recently, I received a comment on this blog. It was the following question…. “I would like to find out if the mission statement should be phrased in the present? I ask because Napoleon Hill phrased it in the future. He … Continue reading

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Grounded In Reality?

“He’s basically grounded in reality and he doesn’t want to believe his neighbors are up to something strange, you know, cause if they were he’d have to deal with it, right?” This was the line from one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Bring Solutions…Not Problems

Here is some good career advice for anyone. I forget where I originally heard this, but it makes sense. As an employee you are often found in the situation where a problem arises and you must report it to your … Continue reading

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If not now…then when?

Here is a great question to ask yourself. If you are stuck in a job you hate, a location you loathe, or a financial or personal situation that needs improving, what are you doing about it? We all can take actions to … Continue reading

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