The importance of Momentum in Business and in Life

momentum-pic“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie

What are you waiting for. There is nothing in this world that is better for confidence and results then momentum. Once you have it you have to keep on moving and keep that momentum up. I have noticed in my years in business that during these times business flows and things seem easy.

Have you ever noticed after a vacation or a couple days out of the office it just seems like you can’t find that groove again. That is momentum and the importance of it is vital to your business and life.

As with everything you hope there is an easy fix or some quick way to turn on Momentum. That is not the case. But it is simple. You just have to keep moving and working hard. Everything else will come. Now you have to make sure your activities are effective and lead to results. You cannot just show up everyday and wait for things to come your way. You have to be anxiously engaged in activities that will bring those results to you.

So stop wondering “why me?” and “when am I going to catch my break?” Go out there and make your break and then never relent. Test the activities you do each day and how they directly relate to results and therefore the increase momentum of those results. Then just repeat. Simple as that.

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Time to Take Action

imagesMany of us float through life tolerating our circumstances without ever trying to improve them.

We all have ideas in the back of our minds that we would love to pursue. We tell ourselves that someday we will. Well what are you waiting for? I am not telling you to quit your job or start a business. I am asking you to explore the things in life that make you happy to determine if you can truly find a path to follow your dreams.

I have told you in the past few posts that I was working on some things that I could not talk about yet. Well now I can. I have taken the steps I preach and put my money where my mouth is. I quit my job and decide to follow my dreams.  As of January 2012 I branched out on my own and started my own financial services firm. I am now fully self-employed.

I will continue the work I started with Gaddis Coaching and will now focus on my financial services firm as well.

The lessons I learned from Athena have finally been realized. I now have completed the majority of the tasks I set out to complete after she died. I will still face the struggles and concerns that come with self employment, but now my future is in my hands. I have bet on myself and I feel pretty good about it.

If you are having trouble taking that step please let me help you

Visit us at today and sign up for our special offer and receive a one-hour free consultation. The first steps to finding success is Taking Action, it is now time to do so.

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Mission vs. Vision Statement

imagesRecently, I received a comment on this blog. It was the following question….

“I would like to find out if the mission statement should be phrased in the present? I ask because Napoleon Hill phrased it in the future. He said “I will have” not “I have.”

This question was regarding a post of mine entitled “Define Your Mission”. I recently completed reading “Think and Grow Rich” again and pondered this very question myself.

Here is what I think….

Let me first start off by saying the term “Mission Statement” can mean many things. Ultimately I would side with whatever Napoleon Hill has to say on the matter as he is far more proven than I.

With that said I believe there is a far more effective way to employ Napoleon Hills “Mission Statement.”

I went through the process Napoleon Hill describes in his book. I created my mission and my plan. While Napoleon Hill calls this a “Mission Statement;” I would argue it is more of a “Vision Statement.”

A Mission Statement is a brief statement of basically why you or your company is in existence. Mine is simply “To translate what gives me joy, fulfillment, and makes me genuinely happy, into a career that can give me flexibility in my life and money to support my family.” That is my soul purpose in life; my means to an end.

If you look at any business or corporation you will see the same pattern; a simple statement of the purpose that business serves in society.

So I would argue that a mission statement is the Present; the here and now. Every decision I make, I consult that mission to make sure it is supporting that mission. If something I am considering doing something that conflicts with that mission, it is not worth the time.

In “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon asks you to be specific in amounts, timeframes, and actions. The traditional Mission Statement is not the place to do that.

The Mission should serve as a guide to all decisions. It is best to make this as simple and strait forward as possible to avoid any conflicts in future decision making. While the Mission Statement is an important first step to anyone wishing to fulfill their goals and purposes, it is not the be all end all. As Napoleon Hill explains we first need that all consuming idea or desire; then we need to back that up with a definite plan and purpose. You can do this through a Vision Statement.

The Vision Statement simply paints a picture of the future. It will give details of what you or your company will be doing 5, 10, 30, years down the road. I believe this is where Napoleon Hill’s suggestions fit best. The creation of this statement can be found in his book and has been proven to work by many of the best business minds in our history. I have listed the six steps, but for more detail read “Think and Grow Rich.”

  1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire.
  2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire.
  3. Establish a definite date by which you intend to possess the money you desire.
  4. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once — whether you are ready or not — to put this plan into action.
  5. Write out clearly and concisely all of the information in Steps 1 to 4 above.
  6. Read your statement aloud twice daily and, as you read, see and feel and believe yourself already in possession of the money.

So to answer this question I would say the Mission Statement is something that should be phrased in the Present. This will serve as your guide in all your decisions. If a decision conflicts with your mission it is probably not worth pursuing. The Vision Statement will serve as the specific counterpart to your mission and what you are trying to accomplish. I believe they go hand in hand. You will also not want to forget to make a plan. I would argue this is a third distinct part of the process. Without a plan to achieve you goals there is very little chance of arriving on time and in the right destination.

When you put all three of these distinct parts together you form the framework of Napoleon Hill’s basic concept. It is also a little easier to follow and see through.

This is all just my opinion….what do you think?

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The Re-Branding of Gaddis Coaching

I set out to start Gaddis Coaching back in 2007. I wanted to make sure I thought it all through and had all my bases covered.

I have mentioned in past posts how I could not seem to find my footing. I knew what I wanted to do, but it didn’t feel right. Then I had the opportunity to guest post and it all seemed to come together.

I realized why I was doing what I was doing. I defined my mission and my purpose.

Over the next few weeks I started thinking about how I could better fulfill that mission. I took a critical look at my website and decided it didn’t reflect what I was doing and wanted to portray. Recently I went through a re-branding of sorts and am pretty happy with the results.



I feel that when someone visits my site they will get a feel for what I do pretty quickly. It was always my goal to help individuals and business owners to live their dreams and reach their potential and now I think that message is much clearer. I also changed some of the verbiage and added pictures to convey this message throughout the site.

As with any business, it must always be evolving. There is nothing wrong with changing your approach mid-stream if you know it is the right thing to do. I made up my mind to follow my heart and do what I wanted to do after Athena’s death. So the decision making process is pretty easy for me.

What do you think of the change? Any Suggestions?

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Listen to My Interview on the Brian and Lee Show

Brian and Lee ShowCheck out my interview with the Brian and Lee Show. You can learn more about their show HERE.

On the show we discussed what made me start Gaddis Coaching, what is the purpose for Gaddis Coaching, and how I started it for less than $500.

Click Here to Listen to the Interview

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Grounded In Reality?

Image“He’s basically grounded in reality and he doesn’t want to believe his neighbors are up to something strange, you know, cause if they were he’d have to deal with it, right?”

This was the line from one of my favorite movies of all time, The Burbs, with Tom Hanks.

How many of us are guilty of this?

The irony of this statement is the belief that in most of our own realities bad things do not happen. The funny thing is most of us live in a reality that does not exist. Good people get hurt, bad things do happen to good people, and you have no control over many things in your life. While you may believe different it doesn’t mean you are right.

What does this mean? Well it means many different things depending on the situation you are in. Here are some examples.

Business Owners – You have a great idea or product you know is needed. You know the market and understand the industry. You know your idea or product will be successful because there is a need.

Parents – you are a good parent who works hard and gives your children what they need. You notice a few behavioral problems, but believe that it is “just the age” and will work itself out.

The Employed – rumors are running rampant in your department about possible layoffs. You have been there longer than anyone and believe your job is secure. You have made it through other rounds of layoffs before and it should be the same now so you ignore the rumors.

But in the end where does that leave you. In the case of the business owner it leaves them without a plan on how to get their product in the hands of the customer.

The parent believes it is just a phase and ignores it. The child learns bad habits that will last throughout their lifetime.

The employed ignore the rumors, yet at the end of the month they find a pink slip and wasted 4 weeks they could have been looking for other opportunities.

What should we learn? We cannot take anything as a guarantee or a sure thing. It is often easier for us to ignore the obvious and pass it off as nothing. We do not have to confront the issues at hand and can remain oblivious and happy.

So what reality are you living in and what things are you ignoring so you don’t have to deal with them?

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Lifetime Learning

Flashing Lights and Sign on School BusWhen I was young I moved a lot. By the time I was 12 we had moved 15 times. I came to a small town in upstate NY as the new kid. I had moved into the school about 10 weeks after it started and was not happy with the idea of leaving my friends in Illinois for upstate.

I did not start off well. I got into trouble and received horrible grades. I remember by the midway point of the second quarter I had a 1 in history; literally a 1.

Needless to say I did not make a good impression. But by the end of the year I had pulled myself together and started to take things seriously. I was able to pull all of my grades up but English. I had the opportunity to take summer school, but could not imagine being in school in the summer and virtually all year long.

I never liked school. It was always the necessary evil.

To start the next year I immediately started talking to the school guidance councilor about doubling up. Obviously he did not take me seriously, but he made a deal with me anyway. If I passed 8th grade English I could double up the next year.

I passed 8th grade English and went on to pass both 9th and 10th grade English the next year. I graduated on time and with a decent GPA.

I remember in the reception line directly after graduation my guidance councilor came up to me and said “If someone would have told me you would graduate, let alone on time, I would never have believed them.” I took that as both a compliment and later in life a challenge.

I did not want to go to college, but my girlfriend was going and I decided I had nothing better to do. She would be attending school three hours away and I did not want to be that far from her. I attended a school one hour away. They had a new finance program there and I would enroll in the two year program.

In this program I found something I truly enjoyed. Business and Finance. It was something I enjoyed learning about and knew I was placing the foundation for my life and career.

With graduation approaching my girlfriend and I talked and decided we should get engaged and I would transfer to Keuka for my bachelors. Looking back it all went so fast. I was a kid who had no college aspirations and now I was a college graduate with a bachelors degree.

Later that year, after graduation, I figured why not get my MBA. I loved business and all the things that came with running a business. I also loved to teach and knew one day I would love to be a professor. I also knew I wanted kids and should get my MBA before that. Well kids came before I completed my MBA, but in December of 2010 I graduated.

I thought I would be done with school, but the feeling of accomplishment that came with completing that MBA and knowing I could do it had me wanting more. I realized after completing my MBA I felt like I wasn’t moving forward anymore.

I have been exploring several opportunities  I have looked at my Doctorate Degree, Law Degree, Six Sigma Certificates, other professional designations and also just auditing classes at the local college. I read everyday and am usually working on at least two books at a time. I have a thirst for knowledge and look forward to learning new things and diving deeper into topics that interest me.

While I am not sure what I am going to do next; I know I have to do something and I cannot just stand still. We all need to continue to push ourselves and develop our strengths and weaknesses.

As I talk about all too often on this blog, you have to do what makes you happy and what you enjoy. Everyday we have to be taking steps to get what we want. If you have that nagging feeling you aren’t doing all you can to reach your goals, decide today what it will take to do so and do it.

What will you do today to ensure you are taking steps to reach your goals?

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